Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of JULY! ^_^

Finally, another holiday to celebrate! I love holidays.
With me and my family, fourth of july means to eat good food, and buy about $100 worth of fireworks and set them off like crazy XD. Its tons of fun for me and my friends. But I think that whenever we go out, even if at night, I should try to look good. Imagine sitting in the back of a truck, wearing the perfect outfit as the sky is showered with the most amazing colors reflecting off of those clothes you wore, sitting with your best friends. It would feels great...while wearing that great outfit! :D
I would have to wear something like...

Keeping the RED WHITE 'AN BLOO theme going while still keepin' my music tied in.

But also, one of my most favorite things to is DRAW. Just thought I could share what I like to draw. Sorry, these aren't my best.


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