Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To School...Blah...

My Summer has ended finally, bringing me back to my high school. 11th grade and still, nothing has changed XD.
But tomorrow I have to wear the best outfit, since it will be the "Fisrt Day back to school outfit" The second most important time to dress your best, to show off how stylish you could be. (picture day is number one most important best dressed day) I'm going to wear a blue-ish grey dress with black leggin's and my converse shoes (I refuse to wear any other shoes. I love my converse :D) Along with a glow in the dark braclet my friend made me and my hair straight.
I have all these hard classes this year!! DX!!!
First I have Trig/Pre Cal, US History (History puts me to sleep...ZZZ) And Chemistry Along with English 11, Theater Tech (backstage work in plays and such. My school has a huge auditorium) Along with Concert band and Jazz band...and Salish 1. For those who don't know, Salish is a Native American Language. I'm Native American :D
WEll, I'm typing this at 11 PM, so goodnight...zZzZ...


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